Friday, October 24, 2008

The First 7 days of my Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks birthdate: Created on October 17, 2008 and born on October 18, 2008
Beginning Length: 3-5 inches ( layers)
Sisterlock Consultant: Amba
Service: 20 hours but well worth every single hour!

My decision to join the sisterlock family began in July 2008. I began researching, reading blogs and praying about what I should do with my hair. The more I read and prayed I knew this was right for me! In September 2008 I scheduled my consultation with Amba and I was sold from there.

Let me give you a little history here.....just to show you my hair journey

I have been natural since October 2006. I made the tramatic decision to do the BIG CHOP and chopped off atleast 5 inches of my relaxer,leaving me with about 2 inches of natural hair.... I still can't beleive I did it... I was faithful to my relaxer touch-ups. Noneoftheless I came home to the natural side and been lovin' every since. I did everything from rocking Afro's to the two strand twist, with occasionally straightening... But let me be real.. it was just too much work.. I had a little one and hubby.. and crazy job schedule.. who has time to do hair.. Not me!


Naturally Free said...

Welcome to the lock family. Your hair looks great! You are going to love this journey. I understand what you mean, I got tired of the braids and weaves and sitting in a beauty shop every Friday or Satuday.

The Real Nique said...

Check you out sister girl from the ATL!!! Your hair is looking very nice. Very neat! I can't wait to see updates! We started our locks around the same time, so it will be nice to compare our changes. Congratulations! And guess what? YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! Go to my page to see the instructions. Your hair looks great!

Amba said...

Hey Lakiesha,
Great that you've started your blog. Will be following closely. :) :) :)